Teeth Whitening

Dr. Ishimoto - Teeth WhiteningA bright, white smile exudes confidence and makes your social interactions more satisfying. If the only thing keeping your smile from perfection is a lighter shade that you just can’t seem to achieve with regular brushing and flossing, then you may want to try Dentistry Lahaina’s teeth whitening option. You can get a lighter smile from the comfort of your own home by trying Dentistry Lahaina’s take-home teeth whitening kit.

Discolored teeth can be caused by several substances, including sweet foods, coffee, tobacco, and sugar-rich beverages such as pop and juice. Maui cosmetic dental clinic, Dentistry Lahaina, offers a safe and effective take-home teeth whitening kit that will give your teeth an amazing shade of white that will usually last for six months. Most importantly, to see the best results and ensure that you maintain excellent oral hygiene, you will still need to keep brushing and flossing regularly.

Dentistry Lahaina’s custom-made, take-home teeth whitening kit includes a tray that is fitted to rest comfortably over your teeth. In addition, you’ll be prescribed a special tooth whitening gel, which goes into the tray before application and is sure to give a long-lasting shade of white. Dentistry Lahaina provides specific instructions on precisely how long each tray should be worn every day. The entire at-home teeth-whitening process is expected to last between one and two weeks.

If you’re in the Maui County and would like to enjoy a white and bright smile in a matter of weeks, then please contact Dentistry Lahaina’s office to learn more about his teeth whitening options!