Tooth Fillings

Dr. Ishimoto - Tooth FillingsWhen tooth decay or dental caries are removed from teeth, they leave holes that dentists have to fill with materials that are safe to have in your mouth. Dentistry Lahaina offers tooth-colored composite fillings that can be tailored to match your teeth in both color and texture. Dr. Pier’s fillings will restore the look of your damaged teeth. Your new fillings will add to an improved and beautiful smile that looks naturally formed.

Not only do our composite fillings resemble real tooth enamel, but they also act as a long-lasting seal to protect the repaired tooth from further damage. Dr. Pier can shape your tooth-colored fillings to seamlessly fill the entire area of the tooth lost by decay.

Dr. Pier offers tooth-colored composite fillings for Lahaina and the entire County of Maui residents. Dentistry Lahaina can replace your metal fillings with our subtle and tooth-colored composite fillings if you’re unsatisfied with your existing metal fillings, whether it’s because of cosmetic concerns, health concerns, or any other reason. You can discover more about our composite fillings by contacting us now.