Our Veneers Will Give You The Smile of Your Dreams!

Dr. Ishimoto - VeneersHave you ever seen a smile that looked so perfect that it was distracting? There is a very good chance that those impeccable pearly whites were actually covered by porcelain veneers. Smile-enhancing veneers are wafer-thin layers of porcelain, custom-made to fit over the front of your teeth to give you a smile that retains a natural appearance. While we recommend that you brush and floss at least twice a day, very few people can attain and maintain flawless smiles, even with regular maintenance. If you’re longing for a better smile that can boost your confidence, then you may want to consider getting porcelain veneers.

Dentist Lahaina’s veneers can be designed to match your preferences in size, shape, and color, while fitting comfortably over your teeth. Porcelain veneers are tooth-sized coverings that are long-lasting and resistant to stains. Our veneers can durably cover discolored, chipped, nicked, or cracked teeth to enhance their appearance and give you a smile that you will be proud of.

Based in Lahaina, Maui, Dentistry Lahaina provides porcelain veneers that can realign and whiten your smile, close any gaps, and hide any damaged or worn-out teeth! Contact Dr. Pier’s team today and learn how you can enjoy an attractive new smile with our porcelain veneers.